Data Extraction Service

We provide reliable Data Entry, Image Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Conversion and Database Management Services.

Data extraction and data mining can help you take strategic business decisions that can shape your business goals. We provide data extraction services from a variety of sources such as Websites, Databases, Images and Documents. This enables you to have data quickly and in the right format. 

Web Data Extraction

  • Extract consumer, competitor and market data from various websites
  • Extract meta-data information from websites
  • Search for online news websites for the latest information
  • Gather, collate and summarize news from various news and PR sources online
  • Extract product infomation from online stores.

Database Extraction

  • Extract data from databases by querying various databases
  • Mine for important data across multiple databases and database formats
  • Get updated information about competitors products, their pricing and their latest offers
  • Extract data from consumer websites, blogs and forums to summarize customer reviews and opinions

How it work

According to your requirements, we'll develop a custom data extraction application. Application will run on our servers and deliver you requested data in specified format. We deliver data in many format: MySQL, Database, Text file, Excel, CSV file, XML, HTML or custom format.

We can extract:

  • Product information
  • Dynamic pages
  • Yellow pages, business infomation for marketing purpose
  • Text files
  • From other databases of your site

What's the price

We keep prices at their minimum. Therefore, pricing varies from project to project. Please contact us for pricing of your project.